Peter's Summer

Note to reader: I kept this page up while I was over in France as a way of keeping in touch with friends and family, and then I've barely touched it since then (which was basically the plan). If you find broken links/inaccurate info/whatever, please let me know.

For a variety of reasons I decided to take one of Tech's wonderful study abroad opportunities during the summer of 2000; I wanted to do something different, but I also wanted to take a few classes. Georgia Tech Lorraine was the program that I chose, and I had a wonderful time. I've written down some reflections about my experience.

The summer program was composed of about 63 students spread over majors such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, management, and international affairs.

This page is not really organized in any specific manner. I tried to write a semi-decent trip log for each mini-trip I went on, and occasionally I documented happenings at GTL, but for the most part the focus is on stuff I did away from the actual Georgia Tech Lorraine campus. This might be misleading if you're a prosective GTL student trying to figure out what life was like on campus -- for that you'd have to read my reflections on the trip.

Trip log (or some approximation thereof)

This is the Metz folks putting the flowers in at the main train station. Apparently they truck in a lot of dirt and plant the flowers every summer. I have more pictures of this.

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Peter Jensen
Georgia Tech Lorraine
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