Improvements on automatic metadata generation and access systems for digital photographers

I have a lot of images online (roughly 16,136 as of April 2, 2003 and now 23,321 as of February 1, 2004). It's not actually that many images compared to people who might do this for a living or people who choose to use automatic capture systems, but my collection has become unmanageable using standard techniques. I've used various database-like systems in the past to catalog things, but I'm getting to the point where I'd like to explore some novel interfaces for using and automatically generating metadata for images. Right now my personal efforts are on hold as I work with the Family Video Archive in Gregory Abowd's Ubiquitous Computing research group.

This page is incomplete, but should be updated soon.

Scenarios which I feel are important

There are lots of good papers/descriptions of how image metadata should work, but many of these come from the library sciences or GIS fields. These are a few scenarios which are important to people like me who want to maintain personal media collections and are picked because they somehow elucidate a difference between the goals of a large-scale digital librarian and a personal image collector.


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