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The content on this site, however uninteresting, is copyright © 1998-2010 by Peter Jensen unless stated otherwise. If you have any questions or comments regarding what's here, please contact me at webmaster AT diff dot net.

Picture Policy

There are many pictures of varying origin on my web site; almost all of them were either taken by me or are used by permission of the photographer. If you feel that I am infringing on a copyright somewhere, I would very much like to know.

Many of the pictures are of people who have not necessarily given me explicit permission to display their likeness on the web. Regardless of whether I have an obligation to do so legally, I make every effort to honor requests by individuals asking that pictures depicting them be removed from public view if they so desire.

Non-commercial personal use of my pictures

If you are a person and wish to use any of my pictures on your web site in a non-commercial capacity, I require two things:
  1. You ask me first and get permission. Do this in an email to me and when I've responded (which should be quick), you should be fine. I require this for two reasons:
    1. To keep people from using my pictures in ways which I don't approve (within my legal rights to do so.)
    2. Out of personal interest.
  2. Credit is given to me in the form of a link back to my site and attribution. It doesn't have to be too prominent. This is an example of something that would work:
    photographs courtesy <a href="http://www.diff.net/peter/">Peter Jensen</a>
In addition, I'd prefer if you served the picture off of your own site instead of linking to mine. I don't have infinite bandwidth.

Commercial use of my pictures

No permission is granted for commercial use of any of my pictures. On the rare chance that you are interested, drop me an email at webmaster AT diff dot net and we'll talk.

I like Philip Greenspun's nasty copyright notice. I imagine that his stuff is a little more desirable than mine, so I don't really think I should have many troubles with this kind of thing.

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