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Picture of a vertical callbox Note: this information was last updated in 2003 and will not likely receive any further updates unless somebody wants to take it over. I'll happily link to new pages on the subject; just send me an email. -PCJ

The GT campus is abound with such emergency callboxes. A complete guide to callboxes on the GT campus is available from the GT Police Department. These devices are arguably one of the most useful fixtures to be found most places on campus, for a few of them also allow local calls in the Atlanta area.

The actual phones tend to be speakerphones of a fairly high quality, with three control buttons and a DTMF control pad. The controls are on, off, and emergency. The emergency button just calls the GT police, while the on and off buttons do what you'd expect. Most of the phones have some sort of timeout, so that they'll reset to the on-hook state after a certain period of inactivity.

Although not advertised on the front panel, most of the call boxes will accept incoming calls and answer them after a ring or two. After the box answers, it will send out a DTMF sequence (presumably to identify itself) and then initiate a speakerphone session. This means you can call one up from somewhere else and speak to those in the immediate vicinity.

Phones with a * in the comment field allow local phone calls. I haven't had a chance to run around and verify each one yet, but I'll do it someday. In any case, if you've verified the status of one recently, please send me some email and I'll update it in here.

Emergency Telephone Locations

Location Number Address Style Comment
6th Street @McMillan 894-8359 500 6th Street
Textile Engineering 894-3121 725 Atlantic Drive
Architecture / Rich Building 894-3213 245 4th Street
SAC Main Entrance 894-3117 755 Ferst Drive
Ferst Theater / Student Services 894-3118 300 Block Ferst Drive
Commons Building 894-8360 871 McMillan Street
Athletic Association Bus Stop 894-3100 100 Block Bobby Dodd Way
McAfee Parking Lot 894-3139 595 North Avenue
Coon Building 894-2081 654 Ferst Drive
Fowler St. @ Peters Deck 894-0448 749 Fowler Street
O'Keefe West Lot 894-2021 930 Fowler Street
Tennis Center 894-2092 940 Fowler Street
5th Street @ Infirmary 894-2057 255 Ferst Drive
Ferst Dr @ Atlantic Dr. 894-9029 310 Ferst Drive
Library East Elevator 894-8466 700 Block Cherry Street
Woodruff Parking Lot 894-9027 800 Block Curran Street
Graduate Living Ctr. 894-1611 301 10th Street
Atlantic Dr. @ Peachtree Place 894-0250 915 Atlantic Drive
Folk Residence Hall 206-9286 531 Turner Place
Woodruff Residence Hall North 206-9299 890 Curran Street
Woodruff Residence Hall South 206-9300 870 Curran Street
Freeman Residence Hall 206-9287 835 McMillan Street
Callaway Apt. #2 894-3093 25110th Street
Burge Apt. North Ent. 894-2993 210 North Avenue

Location Number Address Style Comment
Callaway Apt. #15 894-3127 251 10th Street
Caldwell Residence Hall 206-9282 521 Turner Place
Harrison Residence Hall 206-9292 660 Williams Street
Smith Residence Hall 206-9297 630 Williams Street
Cloudman Residence Hall 206-9283 661 Techwood Drive
Field Residence Hall 206-9285 711 Techwood Drive
Hefner Residence Hall 206-9293 510 8th Street
Fitten Residence Hall 206-9284 855 McMillan
Armstrong Residence Hall 206-0930 498 8th Street
Hopkins Residence Hall 206-9294 115 Bobby Dodd Way
Burge Apt. East Ent. 894-6801 595 McAfee Street
Glenn Residence Hall 206-9289 118 Bobby Dodd Way
Towers Residence Hall 206-9298 112 Bobby Dodd Way *
Brown Residence Hall 206-9281 625 Techwood Drive *

Location Number Address Style Comment
Perry Residence Hall 206-1522 715 Techwood Drive
Healy Apartments 894-2415 300 Home Park Avenue
Hanson Residence Hall 206-9291 109 Bobby Dodd Way
Howell Residence Hall 206-1945 640 Williams Street
Harris Residence Hall 206-9290 633 Techwood Drive
Alexander Memorial Coliseum 894-9024 965 Fowler Street
ATDC North Atrium 894-6133 430 10th Street
ATDC South Rear 894-6293 430 10th Street
ATDC South Front 894-6293 430 10th Street

Location Number Address Style Comment
ULC - Turner Place Entrance 894-1336 580 Turner Place
ULC - Courtyard Entrance 894-1337 580 Turner Place
Daniel Lab 894-5010 200 Bobby Dodd Way
Center St.(S) - Parking Lot Entrance 894-6492 939 Hemphill Avenue
Center St.(S) - Main Entrance 894-6493 939 Hemphill Avenue
Center St.(N) - Main Entrance 894-6494 939 Hemphill Avenue
Center St.(N) - 9th Street Entrance 894-6495 939 Hemphill Avenue
8th St. (E) McMillan St. Entrance 894-5779 555 8th Street
8th St. (E) Courtyard Entrance 894-5790 555 8th Street
8th St. (E) 9th Street Entrance 894-5794 555 8th Street
8th St. (W) 8th Street Entrance 894-5795 555 8th Street
8th St. (W) 9th Street Entrance 894-5803 555 8th Street
8th St. (S) 8th Street Entrance 894-5810 555 8th Street
8th St. (S) Courtyard Entrance 894-5811 555 8th Street
Hemphill Apt. Hemphill Entrance 894-5147 900 Hemphill Avenue
Tech Tower 894-0731 225 North Avenue
4th Street Apts. 894-0719 733 Techwood Drive
4th Street Apts. 894-0718 733 Techwood Drive
6th Street Apts. (E) 206-4800 501 6th Street
6th Street Apts. (W) 206-4801 501 6th Street
Skiles - Library 385-0514 704 Cherry Street
Mason Building - Parking Lot 385-0515 790 Atlantic Drive
Glenn-Towers Courtyard 385-0516 600 Block Techwood Drive
10th Street - Opposite GLC 385-0517 300 Block 10th Street
4th St. / Fowler St. 385-0518 200 Block 4th Street
Library Parking Lot 385-0750 700 Block Cherry Street
State Street / Peachtree Place 385-0752 xxx Block State Street
North Avenue / Techwood Drive 385-0755 625 Techwood Drive
5th St. / Techwood Drive 385-0751 xxx Block Techwood Drive
Ferst Dr. / Regents Dr. 385-0753 400 Block Ferst Drive
811 Marietta Street 385-0793 811 Marietta Street
Ferst Dr. / Sixth St. 385-0754 xxx Block Ferst Drive
GSU Village 206-5900 120 North Avenue
GSU Village 206-5943 120 North Avenue
GSU Village 206-5946 120 North Avenue
GSU Village 206-7235 120 North Avenue

Note: Much of this information was gathered from the GT Police department web page, available at http://www.police.gatech.edu. The rest was found through various experimental means as time has permitted.

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