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Friday through Sunday bikepacking trip. Parked near the Gateway restaurant and did the 2900' 11.7 mile climb up to the top of Spruce Knob for the night. Saturday rode 53 miles / 4200' following one of the GRUSK routes, stopped at the Sinks of Gandy and did lots of other exploring, and then camped again on Spruce Knob for favorable temperatures. Sunday took the long way down (29 miles and 1300' elevation).

coffee break after some miles oatmeal with nuts and chia seeds old natural gas infrastructure Sinks of Gandy inlet Sinks of Gandy outflow retired natural gas compressor station Gandy Creek CF, 38.72227, -79.62597 Vanec 144-14F-M10-10A1AF-11.5 8134 model DPC-360 Part Number IF-7-94-11109. Implicit Monitoring Solutions (satellite telemetry?) TC Energy Thornwood MS-834455 private house on Spruce Knob helped some new friends get a tent set up breakfast out of the wind wild cat miles from anywhere, looked healthy maybe not this water source