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PFD on Pigeon, Ocoee, Chatooga section IV, Nantahala

campground setup after setting up the canopy camp complete full day waiting for dinner morning meeting smoky mountains cool guides we met + wtf NC shirt yes that's a shirt scouting Ocoee put-in broken SUP paddle GoPro still from a successful rope throw I made above the cracks on Chatooga IV. I didn't have a great line either through the rapid but I made my roll. getting information from Rick example of the digital river board Chatooga IV waiting for the shuttle lunch break on the Chatooga IV Chatooga section IV takeout lining up for fireworks all you can eat breakfast buffet did not disappoint having never been, it's a surprisingly nice rain/rest day activity part of the organ system in Luray caverns chicken sandwich from Spelunkers post-trip gear maintenance - going over the letters again