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looking through first aid/repair kits and replenishing supplies gravel bike kit: two spare 11s links, short and long cleat bolts, multi tool, leatherman squirt ps4, tire levers, CO2, PTAP Designs tool roll, 7mil gloves (first aid/repair), container for bacon, bacon strips, installer, spare valve, patch kit, spare derailleur hangar, pump. Spare tube and sealant not pictured. Specialized SWAT case, spare tube with doubled over masking tape to protect valve, bacon strips, 12 speed link, gloves SWAT bag for Specialized Stumpjumper Evo packed up pump, patches, derailleur hangar for my Specialized Stumpjumper Evo, 2x cleat bolts, multitool, 11s link (old bike or friends,), valve stem, zip ties backpack kit packed up with some gorilla tape and some Leukotape wrapped around vehicle bag: reflective safety vest, warm jacket and hat from Goodwill, first aid kits, lithium emergency battery (jump start/charge phone/flashlight), leatherman tool, lifestraw, 3x 1L water, MRE, paracord, Glock entrenching tool dirty from digging catholes, another first aid kit, matches, sharpie, space blankets, fire starter, seat belt cutter