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39 miles from Oxford to Castell, camped at Leifeste campground, then rode 35 miles north loop CCW, camped same place, then rode back 29 miles to Oxford. Perfect weather.

Oxford campground beta LOOSE LIVESTOCK just a zebra House mountain Tres Lunas fancy airbnbs Llano river Sunday house that they moved back to the property sticker got me, easy pach. Only problem was that the plastic housing of my pump had a crack, but a gift of some aluminum tape from my neighbor fixed it up Terri (sp) and Mike, Outsider Overland Campers, super nice Evers cemetery TEXAS RADIO OPR WZ50 on the back cemetery fence, Don Evers. nice view of the Llano river large rattlesnake retreating deep under this boulder after giving me one of the better scares of my life. It was sunning on the flat rock overdue bridge under construction "The PLW Aztec E-Z Lok Wheel is a plastic bar support used to maintain the lateral position of rebar. It consists of a circular body, integrated lock, and spokes positioned around the diameter. The PLW is made in the USA." plastic piece is a rebar positioner weird helicopter that flew over bag with a pebble stuck inside clasp that I had to remove to get the bag open shady spot for lunch ASK ME ABOUT 3 DRY HOLES good mixture of signs but this was the only outright terrible setup I saw ribbon snake enjoying some sunlight Randy talking with customers old school label seemed fitting here post swim drying off in the sunlight