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rocking the useless face shield at the airport WINTER OPS DO NOT TURN OFF JET BRIDGE Austin airport Hughesnet/Dish ground station off of 130 (200 Industrial Parkway, Lockhart). 80F Mason Earle poster in LL Bean outlet! cordless soldering iron Longshot Ranch bamboo took the brunt of the hard freezes in Texas Robert L.B. Tobin Land Bridge Tobin land bridge cool irrigation - assume it's temporary but it's a nice setup CBD + AMMO Pearl brewery "why do my ears hurt" sweeet evening singletrack in Purgatory Creek Purgatory Creek view from Highland Terrace crazy office on the 3rd floor of Old Main Old Main 3rd floor map Texas Ski Ranch dog fetching a log job corps lineman training? wat delicious cake made by Tammy Scott's sweet Trek 8000 cruiser SRV stop I used to sit in traffic on this bridge every day in high school, now it's a bike path Vanessa finally! TX 165