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sinkhole I found - obviously hanging wasn't the smartest but at least I was on skis looking back from the sinkhole toward the bigger sinkholes the big sinkhole two large sinkholes the size of a small sinkhole a smaller sinkhole CBP Advanced Training Facility crazy shooting range shooting range with impressive ventiliation (good for people who work there!) perfect XC ski conditions and lots of deer tracks "Nabholz built this 65,000-square-foot state-of-the-art training facility with five firing ranges, including one rifle range and four pistol ranges. Features include fully integrated control centers; administrative offices and classrooms; fully integrated target systems; range ventilation systems unlike any other currently in existence; extensive sound attenuation system; 3’ overlap saw-tooth roof system, which provides all-weather protection; unique girder system; extensive ballistic steel protection; and an emergency generator and related switch-gear." I guess they re-create the TSA experience Helipad cool barn-like architecture fits in Potomac Wayside falls Potomac wayside takeout ice check sad canoe at the Potomac Wayside Potomac Wayside falls