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setting off on the evening ski headlamp time sleeping Peter waking up Peter absurdly cozy under the stars toasty warm! (closed cell foam, neoair xtherm, -25F bag) signing in to go ice climbing the rap line on the "Trail" sign looked sketchy but it turned out to be just protection against a slip while the guy was sketching down to set up a toprope crossing above Ganoga Falls the top of this was stout coffee brew mocha pot guided group doing the falls hike jeans -1, yaktrax +1 ice fisherpeople the Stone House housework cooking dinner over an alcohol stove Dancing Bears making some breakfast oatmeal w/ bananas and a bunch of other stuff dog hook (for use while browsing the Little Free Library) FAA radar cool overhanging rocks on the Bulldozer Rd trail top of the Old Bulldozer Rd trail in Ricketts Montour coal plant fisherman below Shikellamy State Park overlook view from Shikellamy State Park marina view from Shikellamy State Park overlook Shikellamy State Park marina unloaded, but not unpacked