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Section hike of the AT southbound from Pen Mar to Harper's Ferry. First night at Pogo memorial campground near Black Rocks, second night at Crampton Gap. High 20s at night, low 40s during the days.

walking the road down to the start of the trail Pen Mar park view High Rock the whole family was painting the family that sprays together stays together? sunset an hour before camp that's enough walking for one day lazy night pitch lazy pitch on frozen/rocky ground but I was comfortable the completed site I didn't see in the dark tags out Washington Monument AT chainsaw work Old South Mountain Inn power lines near Reno Mountain Rd Lamb's Knoll good time to charge the light in case I'll be walking at night again Crampton Gap Skurka beans and rice - 3/10 presentation, 9/10 taste that widowmaker is over the trail but not over the tent site just to the right snowpiles still around looking uphill at a nicely engineered waterbar Garvey shelter was quite full but looked niced view from Weaverton Rocks made some hot chocolate at Weaverton Rocks windy and cold track work WLL: insufficient "are you influencing???" - Holly Marty's perfect pitch