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crew probably going to the Gauley morning snacks lunch at swimmers #ranchlamp Scarlett Knob campground Scarlett Knob campground rode Lower/Upper Sugarloaf, Canyon's Edge, McCune, Upper Canyon's Edge, Upper Baughman, Lower Baughman (missed the flow trail!) random dude crushing a downhill training search and rescue dogs lunch break at Canyon's Edge I never put sunscreen on well rental Kona Big Honzo - good bike for the conditions, esp. once I let some air out. Pedals weren't great. getting started on the McCune trail cool bouldering along McCune trail cool spot on McCune difficult to see how steep the terrain is here Cucumber rapid history of bolted holders for the photographers Cucumber Falls Cucumber rapids people cruising on the GAP outside of Confluence, PA Coon Hollow quality driving THE MAGNET IS ALWAYS ON - Ringer Hill Wind Farm inside of the blockhouse view through an open window friendly kids Ringer Rd wind farm Ringer Hill Wind Farm