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much of my food - left to right, breakfast, lunch, dinner. Pre-cooked farro+chicken+veggies for 1st day lunch/dinner, then Skurka recipe breakfasts and a tuna+rice+fritos dinner odd tractor yard sale steals (no I didn't buy it) cool fence on Keyser Run Rd ultralight fail - brought two tubes of toothpaste Gravel Springs hut bear bag challenges Skurka potatoes + cheese + bacon + butter + seasoning breakfast - very good cheesy potatoes + Chazzs' smoked pork belly gathering rainwater off the tarp after a good night's sleep warm and dry! Skurka recipe oats, pecans, chia seeds, powdered milk, sugar, coconut flakes first Piney River crossing - pretty casual here but it was running 100 CFS wherever the gauge is downstream more flow in the Piney a good sized waterfall on the North Fork Piney River old cemetery Bolen graves, 1914 and 1918 Why the Mountains Are Blue by Wayne Baldwin