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comparing some backpacks and a bear canister at work (HMG 4400 Southwest (2.45lbs), HMG 2400? Southwest, ArcTeryx Alpha FL 30 (1.4 lbs), Osprey Atmos 50 (4.5 lbs), Bearikade Blazer quick improvised delrin knob for my coleman stove to replace one I lost drill to 0.199 (#8) and hand press fit to get a reasonable knob on a coleman stove MVD night ride found this wrench on the road picking up Bike to Work week shirt from Race Pace joy on the Columbia paths pedestrian bridge over rt 29 sculpture at the main branch of the Howard County library Tenable building in Columbia replacing the chain on my Brompton chain stretch (new, old) improvising in-frame tube storage for my Brompton based on an idea i saw on reddit Brompton tool kit on the left, spare tube on the right, pump mounted to the frame