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St Denis train station Intex makes little tiny tubes, and I guess pools? Slow Streets made for some nice city riding Patterson Park ROAD ENDS 600 FT massive thunderstorms put me beyind schedule to make it to my planned destination of Indian Rock campgrounds in York. In penance I kept the group size small, carried away my waste, and spent 30 minutes picking up all of the litter I could find New Freedom PA Birthplace of Commercial Ice Cream Production This garden honors Christopher Robert Kress, beloved husband and daddy. Here, an automobile jumped the curb and killed him. John 17 was his life long verse. It was displayed at his wedding, nad he discussed it the night before his death. FIVE TIMES, Jesus parays, surprisingly good giant sandwich from York central market rad dude who rode a fixed gear from Baltimore with his skateboard to use the skate park in York this jersey is super nice but it billows a lot in the wind Brillion 4 hi horse Paradise Holtzschwamm Union Church, one mile north, Built in 1849, stands third building of these congregations. Organized in 1747. nice guy doing maintenance LLAMAS Long Arm reservoir beat the train through downtown Westminster left only some trampled grass here and hopefully didn't bring home any ticks. Just lit the stove for some coffee while packing up. total camping impact this elementary school has a mobile mailbox attached to a dolly this is why you check sealant before a big trip (and also this tire has 2200 miles on it and should be retired)