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We got in line at the gate before 0630 and snagged some of the last parking spots in one of the furthest trailheads but had a great day in Baxter State Park. I went up the Hunt Trail (AT) from the Katahdin Stream Campground, filtering water at the falls. I added an out and back to Pamola Peak on the Knife Edge trail at the top, so my total day was 12.8 miles and 5200' of elevation gain.

finally up in the wind! ChickenPalooza people USGS Katahdin marker old school Jansport backpack this is not a hike where I'm going to make my standard mistake of forgetting to eat a heavy snack like an apple until the end this little ~3rd class section is part of the business of the Knife Edge the knife edge trail the women who slept in their car at the gate to be first in line This tablet is placed here by the Forest Commissioner of Maine under order of the governor and Executive Council dated March 16, 1932 to record the gift and conveyance to the state on March 3, 1931 and October 7, 1931 by Percival Proctor Baxter, governor 1921-1925, of nine square miles of land in township 3 range 9 Mt. Katahdin, within which area are located this the highest peak of the mountain 5267 ft., named Baxter Peak by the state legislature laws of Maine 1931, South Peak 5240 ft., Pamola Peak 4902 ft., the North Peaks 4734 ft. and 4612 ft., the Knife Edge, the Chimney, the Tableland, Chimney Pond 2914 ft., Dry Pond 2799 ft., North West Plateau 4401 ft., Harvey Ridge 4182 ft., Hamlin Peak 4751 ft., Rum Mountain 3361 ft. and the Great, North and South Basins. summit naps lots of rock hopping on the way down typical Hunt trail Hugh, a very nice section hiker I came across who has done about 1600 miles of the AT, descends one of the technical spots on the trail