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Champe EJ P1 when EJ, EJ Vegatable Variation (me), and Gerts are being climbed and you look over and see a dude coming straight up shoe retainer clips butterflying chicken dinner + most of tomorrow's lunches site 49 is a good site site 49 is a good site leading Skyline Traverse leading Skyline Traverse Lauren leading p2 of Skyline Traverse first move on Skyline P2 perhaps an overkill rack for Skyline Traverse Skyline Traverse P2 party on Roy Gap Chimneys Skyline Traverse P2 Michael after leading Candy Corner Wegmans pre-marinated jerk chicken, avocados, etc Ack working The belay at the end of P2 is roughly at the same level as the Pleasant Overhangs roof but about 20' to the right. Thais Escape one last look at the old signs before Andy's FoS replacements go in these things did actually work PATC-MS socially distant group photo PATC-MS socially distant group photo fireworks stand at 33/28 sorta fixed Roy Gap Rd low water crossing not the best quad but probably sufficient tossing up some gear reasonable way to transport a crash pad downhill bikes with Bryce tags CNRail 188-96 Fairmont car