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Seneca Rocks natural gas compressor station washed out low water crossing on Roy Gap Rd tree damage kid pointed this gun at me second belay on Skyline Traverse looking up at P2 of skyline traverse (step left, then up) P2 Skyline Traverse goes left and then up I put actual gear in before doing the climb, I was just stepping back to pick up a dropped nut tool here North Fork mountain to the east Seneca Fireworks Lauren leading Roux Lauren leading up Roux Gunsite to S Peak Mitch on Conn's East Corey and Mitch finishing up Conn's East Corey and Mitch finishing up Conn's East swimming hole if at shirt you don't succeed, .... dinner/lunch roasting/charring sweet potatoes COVID-19 info posted at the Gendarme awesome poster Tom has Harper's store graves on the way to the Seneca Shadows campground camp snake TRAD yard sale bulgur, roasted sweet potatoes, steak, hard boiled egg