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After about 25 groundings, primarily during the early stages of learning to ride in straight onshore winds with a very gradual dropoff, I finally ripped the mount out of my foilboard by hitting a sandbar at 25 mph while riding with straps. The skin stayed attached but I didn't take any photos of that. These photos document the quick and dirty repair job I did - a proper repair would have involved buying proper foam and working around a bunch of cuts for the fin boxes which I didn't want to mess with. Overall weight definitely went up but I think it will still be fun to ride and the total effort involved was manageable.

the patient - construction is EPS througouht with something like divyncil in the foil mount random: I wasn't aware of propane outboards test fitting the re-used t-nut plugs with an aluminum jig I made, preserving the original 160mm x 85mm spacing glueing mounts in place with thickened epoxy that has some chopped carbon fiber in it test fit to make sure! although nasty, MEK is great for cleaning up stuff that will interfere with epoxy bonding laying out mylar test vacuum bag closure system (caulk on 4mil painters sheet) bias CF and heavy fiberglass. Modeling clay in all holes. I filled air bubble pockets from oversize pour with microballoos and epoxy. this board has a leash plug which I am using as a foil leash :)