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Yellow Dog Eats - sometimes it is actually better to not know how the sauce is made. woman had her horse hitched to the satellite dish while grabbing a beer and gatorade for the ride in to the Ocala horse park. David on the night ride they tried to make them more visible, but the bottles in jersey pockets are still a little hard to see :) strawberries soaked in whipped cream vodka Forrest Focusing Pivot switchblade - I put ~15 miles on these. Too much bike for where I ride but otherwise sweet! Joshua and Shelly dehydrated some fruit and it was delicious a good day riding! setup for the inflatable big screen no bikes allowed in restrooms mixing pancake batter in 5gal buckets. Breakfast was awesome. Bike Jesus' van setup As seen in a rest stop bathroom. Clearly our society faces some complex and multi-facted problems, but this guy just needs a better education. the only nice thing I have ever been able to say about the MCO security area - violinist by the fountain