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otherwise known as Joeff Davis photo in ATL Joeff Davis photo in ATL Joeff Davis photo in ATL Joeff Davis photo in ATL Michael David Murphy photo in ATL Human Trafficking Notice in the ATL food court - probably one of the better locations for this Terrapin Taphouse - disappointing that it's a cigar bar GSP radar Bald Rock surprisingly decently breakfast at the Hampton Inn The Nose at Looking Glass Karsten on the first pitch of the Nose way stuck tricam pano from near the top of the Nose at Looking Glass prepackaged naan bread and nutella about to follow Dum Dee Dum Dum offwidth start to p2 Dum Dee Dum Dum we'll pass on these, thanks we'll pass on these, thanks copperheads about 30' to the right of Second Coming Karsten building a belay at the start of the business on Second Coming, recommended technique to minimize ledge potential from rope stretch in case the leader falls at the crux (top of photo) Race Official at the Hub some sort of folk dance festival downtown Brevard, NC downtown Brevard, NC hotel trivia Mutt's BBQ Mutt's BBQ Greer, SC parallel approaches in to ATL