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the parking lot has actual parking for the AT in addition to the fancy restaurant South Mountain Inn Dahlgren restroom/shower facilities South Mountain Inn wants to be fancy, so they have a a university group resting there were fields of these Lambs Knoll Rd No BUSES Beyond This Point high lines with audible corona didn't visit the shelter but it sounded occupied rocky trail overlook just past the top of hill and radio towers Lamb's Knoll climbing Lamb's Knoll climbing (east end) lots of opportunities to get caught in greenbriars or pull an Aron Ralston with the loose boulders Lamb's Knoll climbing pillar Lamb's Knoll climbing difficult scrambling - vegitation obscures deep holes, loose rocks, and lots of greenbriar Lamb's Knoll climbing could not tell what this was - pile of logs nice looking crack on the west end of the formation Lamb's Knoll climbing, from the west end looking east overlook rocks don't have much climbing potential, but it could be fun to play on big log periodic weird covered thing off the road about halfway down, lid appears to be screwed down North Carolina monument