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boulders off of Murrary Hill Rd Murray Hill South Boulder - overhanging! eggs and their guardian in the background - both bird and I were quite suprised when we met, but after taking this I left with only a quickened pulse bike shoes != climbing shoes riding on the not-yet-opened DC railcar path PULL UP YOUR PANTS just a dude driving a tractor on the road Gravelley Point Air Canada C-FEIX ERJ-170 an aircraft taxis back to the end of rwy 19 after entering on taxiway S to pass another aircraft in line the ridiculous nail-like puncture I picked up - I had to hold my finger over the hole for about 30 seconds and add about 10psi of air, but the Stans sealed it for the remaining 10 miles kids in the plane watching tree at Gravelley Point cherry blossoms a bit past peak and the Washington Monunment with scaffolding cool bench/pump track