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Rosa's Cafe in Odessa, TX - fast, cheap, delicious, and authentic South Union Gas Services H2S pipeline crossing the road south of Monahans Google maps Street View car close-up of StreetView pod on car that passed us Google uses Wild Cherry car air fresheners Chisos Basin sign Please Do Not Take Children on this Trail - You may encounter an agrgressihve mountain lion. Small children are at greatest risk Chisos Mountain Lodge the Window moon pre-dawn start first light on the trail Santa Elena canyon from the south rim S100 without polarizer 5D mkII with polarizer staging cabin Emory Peak small repeater on adjacent peak that's a few feet lower clockwise, solar panels, equipment cases, unknown link antenna, battery boxes USGS benchmark on Emory Peak small repeater tied down with paracord beginning the class 4 scramble down close-up of repeater cabinents Emory Peak antennas Chisos Basis, with the water tank, lodge, and camground visible in the center the trail builders here were pretty explosives happy Animal-proof Latch   Please Close SECURRRLY apparently Jennifer spotted a mountain lion an hour after we departed on the same trail innovative wooden sand slats that make walking on the sand far less painful Santa Elena Canyon Big Bend Nat'l Park Type 3AE Landfill TCEQ Permit 1276 rocks at the Grapevine Hills balanced rock blurry photo of the coyote that accidentally snuck up on me coyote Children's and Senior Menu tower off of Co Rd 470 about 10 miles SE of Junction, TX, labeled as Segovia unknown corner building feedlines removed from the main horns Segovia Umlauf sculpture garden perhaps we've taken naming rights a bit too far (no insult intended to the donors)