22mm wrench for field replacement of Trek Fuel derailleur hangar

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I have a 2009 Trek Fuel EX-9. Like most modern bikes, it has a replaceable sacrificial derailleur hangar that snaps off when you crash on the rear derailleur or catch a branch. This is great, and I always carried a replacement hangar with me, but the first time I broke one on the trail I quickly realized that we did not have the tools necessary to remove the hangar, as it is held on by part of the suspension that requires a 22mm wrench and a reasonable amount of force.

This is the solution I came up with and built with a hacksaw, dremel, and hand drill in my apartment - I used a piece of stainless steel, but aluminum would be easier to work and should be plenty strong. Mine weighs 33 grams and will also open beers.

close-up of the 22mm suspension pivot bolt that holds the derailleur hangar in hand-made wrench (33g, stainless steel) in place a giant craftsman 22mm wrench I had to use before business end of the wrench, just slightly larger than 22mm wide home-made 22mm wrench for Trek Fuel dereailleur hangar replacement on the trail spare chain and SRAM quick links