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Capacitor hack - fixing a broken video card.

Homebrew 1090MHz antenna for receiving ADS-B with my USRP N210.

Photos from replacing the crankshaft pulley (sometimes called harmonic balancer) on my 2000 Nissan Maxima. Rubber had failed, causing larger pulley to encroach upon the smaller pulley's space. Had to remove the starter and use a screwdriver in the flywheel to tighten the pulley bolt down.

quick fix for a 470uF cap that got knocked off a video card - 2x 220uF donated by another board 1090MHz collinear made from plans by VK4TEC 1090MHz collinear from plans by VK4TEC one missing piece not bad for a puzzle that's been in play for a year and made several trips 2000 Maxima crankshaft pulley failure. Bad unit on right!; rubber has failed and PS pully is sinking in to serpentine. Good unit with slight rust from junkyard on left ($90). Would have been $230 brand new from dealer  (online) or $350 (local). Rubber on junkyard part looks good. replacement crankshaft pully installed on my 2000 nissan maxima. Note the white marks on the bolt showing the ~60 degrees of rotation performed past the initial torque value per the service manual angular torqueing procedure. Craftsman 41294 screwdriver used to keep engine from turning while tightening down crankshaft pulley bolt. starter removed; view in to toward the flywheel/starter wheel; I used a screwdriver through the hole visible to keep the engine from turning.