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fire fighting practice plane? on a night like this I much prefer walking on the ramp decorate lighthouse on Clover Island Welcome to Historic Downtown Kennewick morning bball practice Cable Bridge early morning train across the Columbia elegant lock chaining US Coast Guard Aids To Navigation Team Kennewick cute dog don't think this road goes much further... end of the line just your standard growler coozie and holder pig beer holder Columbia Koelsch - very good crepuscular rays nice light Clover Island railroad bridge over the Columbia River; most recent version built in 1955 railroad bridge over the Columbia River; most recent version built in 1955 not a snake PSC departure Conell Grain Growers the shed houses the bridgemaster's truck Connell Grain Growers Columbia river railroad bridge amusing wifi antenna install amusing wifi antenna install hi-tech carbon elliptical bike sundog BBQ chicken big thunderhead storm brewing over the hills with a wind farm and the polluting Boise paper mill approach trail and the Columbia marina in the distance a train winds its way downstream along the Fallbridge Subdivision old fixed one of the pieces of fixed protection in place cars at the parking lot marina towering clouds peaking over the hills cable around one of the sisters boat traffic on the Columbia mammata clouds odd structures on the cliff dude glassing us dude glassing us landowner making sure we weren't going to trespass US Coast and Geodetic Survey Benchmark Twin Sisters sign stinky Boise cascade paper mill HUMORIST Rd cool cloud healthy dinner We Fix Things That SUCK Randy Travis bus Mt Adams and Mt Rainier tiny little private strip two farmers cutting fields Adams turbine opened up towers fun looking road nice private strip private strip tree farm of some sort with visible wind patterns McNary dam McNary dam McNary dam McNary dam lock and spillway water treatment facility? bridges west of McNary dam McNary dam Port of Umatilla facilities south side of McNary dam top view of McNary dam spillway McNary lock top view of McNary dam towers off Jump Off Joe Rd turbine opened up for work wind turbine opened up US395 bridge US395 bridge Clover Island and the Cable Bridge Columbia River railroad bridge Columbia River railroad bridge Cable Bridge cool tie-downs N426SK - nicely kept 1980 Cessna 172 about to be a bit different 7/1/2011! awesome picnic spread note the empty bottles in the trash it took me about 8 tries to hit the ball the first time. With no wine, it probably would only have taken 6. old wooden flume parts of the wooden flume are barely visible on the far side of the hill horses stream gauging station with the satellite antenna boresite pointed straight in to the hill not a bad view neat eagle-with-fish kite on a pole deer and turkeys a most elegant and artful solution to a common problem a most elegant and artful solution to a common problem chicken coop chicken coop and rooster irrigation pump leak pickup dog Combine Hills Turbine Ranch Alkali Bee speed limit 20 Alkali bee nesting area top section of a three section wind turbine tower Black Forest Macaroon Conserve, apparently from a recipe in the Ball Complete Book Of Home Preserving (BCBOHP) pg 89. Excellent! pedal kayak! PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THE BEAR THANK YOU Flambeau Lone Howler forkfail!