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The PONCE highway sign is quite awesomely designed. everything about this van owns why can't this be popular everywhere? Ice cold water, $1. It's actually useful. Civic typeR with a funny trailer hitch I'm not familiar with Ponce's Parque de Bombas It's hard to look like a badass standing next to a segway, but this guy is trying. Chevy Nova pretty tree handicap entrance FAIL escalator out of service roadside memorial of some sort multiple levels of fail - washout fixed by jersey barriers, and washed out PVC pipe suspended by wire to guardrail steam on the road odd phasing arrangement ASR 1017058, site 1233.5m AMSL, tower 1300.6m AMSL everything is wel labeled in PR sailboats creative tree trimming more creative tree trimming FIRE FOE INC disturbing sprite ad dude wanted his photo taken, how could I not? rotisserie chicken denial part 1 rotisserie chicken denial part 2!