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Walla Walla airport giant prison and Walla Walla valley below Eagle Butte view down the back side of the hill modest house nice spot for shooting wind turbine tower camera the Ford Focus Hybrid was a good rent car heat exchanger at the base of the wind tubine tower? elegant lock chaining simple lock chaining old Nike missile site (H-52) Rattlesnake Mountain old Nike missle site (H-52) LIGO LIGO close-up Fast Flux Test Facility Fast Flux Test Facility Columbia Generating Station with the Columbia River in the background view over the Columbia to a neat grass strip bees? one-way grass strip one-way grass strip with the Columbia in the background one-way grass strip sudden water level changes keep off rock This station is Temporarily CLOSED Due to lack of volunteers yummy sandwidch @Olive strange dams on the river that flows through Walla Walla stars wind turbine obstruction lights Boise Cascade Paper Plent Green Bridge on a dreary day truck driving out on to the railroad bridge Green Bridge Green Bridge can't argue with what works, but still amusing