driving from FL to MD

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just a few planes moving the crate with the mill driver Felix did a good job good driver nice storm Andrew's sweet fix Coasters, I wll miss thee "AS SEEN ON JERRY SPRINGER" fog Atlanta fog - notice the lines leading off to the left side of the tower for pulling stuff up Atlanta fog Atlanta prison fog Sweetwater part of the FTY ILS system; one of the marker beacons? new buildings taunting me with cheese awesome massive winch riding a little low... total camera fail. This might have been a wreck had all of the cars behind me not been doing the same thing. looked like a transmission failure on my 2000 Nissan Maxima when it would slip out of gear on hills, but turned out to be a $150 sensor + a bit of labor. just workin' Burkes Paving Does Bad Work innovative combination bathroom light and exhaust fan overstressed dog Tree of Shame Brevard Fire Rescue shirt parking lot of the Deals Gap motorcycle resort motorcycle kickstand imprints Deals Gap Tree of Shame hydro plant hydro plant view from one of the Tsali mountain biking trails not a beauty contest beautiful scenery at Tsali (Nantahala National Forest) Tsali trail Fontana Lake Fontana Lake Jake getting the perfect iPhone photo the scene of the wipeout post-wipeout looking down the hill Left Loop Tsali Mt Mitchell awesome, if impractical house