2010 Tour de Felasco - ~50 miles of fun with temps 31F to 35F

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Paul fire and hot cocoa at the first sag stop Rob first sag stop Sean and Rob Jeff, Sean, and Rob my feet stayed warm. Shoes are size 49 and I can also wear 48s, with vents taped and a single pair of smartwool normal weight hiking socks. Lora well prepared Paul Lora supervising Greg while he replaces a derailleur hanger bike polo at lunch bike polo at lunch fire at lunch fire Rob rockin the hand warmers lunch scene lunch screne pretty bike surly bikehump nice bike trailer awesome shirt awesome shirt.\ndesign copyright Trevor of Oh-Gee, Imaginations. Kurt finishing Sean and Kurt ranger dousing the fire admiring a 2:1 or 3:1 $bike:$truck ratio 1:1 green beans to bacon followed by 18oz of meat