backpacking in Grand Valley

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Laura untangling her hat enjoying a sit on one of the curious seat/water diversion features on the trail between Moose and Gladys taking a break where the trail splits down to Grand Lake Laura Grand Lake nap spot sunbow? nap nap nap orienteering fisherman deadfall in Grand Lake neat clouds as viewed from Grand Valley neat cloud pattern neat cloud pattern walking up Grand Valley to the pass neat rocks on the trail to Grand Pass Laura at Grand Pass some sort of stretch some sort of stretch Grand Pass looking out from Grand Pass Laura down at Grand Pass, taken from halfway up Grandview Grand pass Grand Pass from Grand VIew peak Grand Pass from Grand View peak Grand Valley Laura practing map and compass up on the pass comparing the photo to reality moon lake just down from Grand Pass sun dips under the ridge but we still have a solid hour of good light left moon rising over the ridge moonrise over Grand Valley