day one of the 2009 Gainesville San Felasco DLG contest

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my car with the rocketbox the Harbor Freight $10 tent that was worth exactly that snacks a visitor inspects a plane Kevin and Rick a SuperGee II ouch! but easily fixable with some steam and rebagging, though it might need a little spar reinforcement as well kinda creepy the competition flies for food Gordy a few lovebugs have bitten Rusty launching the Photon Oleg launching Multiplex radios provide more shade than other brands of radio my three SuperGee clones - LightHawk in upper right corner a nice plane box lunch line lunch line lunch line Charles with the virtual girlfriend Ed doing the scoring computer and amplifier power setup MP3 player for audio files Gerland and Oleg consult on a transmitter issue Australian Nats badge from 1982-1983 my plane box - contains two homebuilt SuperGee IIs with Sean Porter pods, one XP-4, and one LightHawk - the XP-4 fuse fits on top of the others but hasn't been added yet.  4x8' sheet of coroplast. Frank waiting for the giant Ava to get out of the launch window :) the real secret to Phil's launch