flying a Lambada motorglider at 5C1

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charging a Garmin Foretrex using my Solio Magnesium Toyota Yaris - clearly not large enough for everyone really? 180HP C150 towplane Van Grob cockpit yaw string the winch the winch the winch inside of a glider trailer lots of work left on this bird nice spoilers hollow carbon prop tow release option very clean gas cap T6 takeoff T6 takeoff T6 takeoff with gear retraction T6 gear retraction RV7 N514BS looking nice N9DH wisely using the extended threshold for takeoff nice glider graphic 5C1 runway demonstrating climbout with the spoilers deployed N17UA panel -  roughtly L-R, ignition (off with prop feathered), audio panel, varios, airspeed, altimeter, glass panel, throttle, radio, transponder, emergency parachute, Garmin 496 Boerne Stage Field hills around Boerne