flying to Atlanta

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Spruce Creek Spruce Creek Steve fueling N183SP at Homerville, KHOE ($4.45/gal) A PIREP Steve filed on the way up would be nice... KHOE office and lounge - had Internet and A/C - what more can you ask for? Steve doing some pre-flight planning Steve doing some pre-flight planning REAGAN!!! not a great photo of it, but the AIRMAP 1000 was quite useful for the trip haze in Georgia RFID tag avalanche rescue system Cobb Pkwy bugs mat lab the tunnel was closed... Centennial Olympic Park Centennial Olympic Park Georgia Acquarium - get there early! No Photography or Video Recording Permitted in This Area CNN center AREA UNDER 24 HOURS VIDEO SURVEILLANCE the future of traditional newspapers? Balls hello kitty car for distant viewing tornado damage to the Weston hotel "Make and Receive Phone Calls through the CB radio with Most Bluetooth Cellular Phones" Raymond, Peter, and Steven and Murphy will fetch this ball until you get tired of throwing it good BBQ in Lawrenceville pit mines south of Atlanta crazy colors near Macon why we stopped in Fitzgerald Fitzgerald, GA the middle chair is always neglected nice pumps, but a bit expensive doing it right I think we'll wait this one out... on the ramp at Fitzgerald, GA (KFZG) KHOE at night a little flare is a powerful thing VASI on runway 14 at Homerville, GA (KHOE) Jacksonville at night I'm pretty sure I heard the same guy working JAX center clear a cargo flight for an approach, clear them to land, and give them taxi directions, all on the same frequency.  Night flying has its advantages. cruising at 5500'