exploring around the mall in DC

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Washington Monument FREEDOM IS NOT FREE the weakest link? Prism kite against the Washington Monument kite enthusiasts flying Prism stunt kites prettier with water Corona connector porn use EXTREME caution onthe escalator - serious injury may occur.\nWho would have thought Crocs were so dangerous? 747 cockpit airport finder the Airbus, quite fittingly, was missing the presumably broken elevator actuator and thus only had roll control U2 underbelly connector fail "Dyna Soar"?  You have to be kidding me.  First prize for the marketing department. just don't be around when one of them is miswired and blows up original TALIN? undersea fiber optic cables sexy phased arrays sexy phased arrays T3motion - because a Segway doesn't look silly enough going down with a smile Bill's duct-tape covered fabric camera bag ice surface the mall