Austin Maker Faire

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World Shelters made out of a special UV-resistant coroplast the crated shelter PVC shelter maker of the PVC shelter air vent at the top closeup of joint - made by heating PVC with ~190 degree sub-boiling water ShopBot nice metal clamps that hold the acrylic? together - maker said they were a bit fiddly to assemble, though RepRap Amon explaining his project to my dad Amon knitting drums painting robot adjusting the trebuchet Avalon put on a neat show with lots of tesla coils portable bike tools RAVolt RAVolt the nifty sketchup socks Jim Patek's H2rObot the store with Decker Power Plant in the background autonomous inflatable robot being playful with shoppers robot Sebastian of RepRep the Avalon organ blacksmithing rocket building paired bike sleeping bags and keyboard Scott Wade's Dirty Art Car Scott Wade's Dirty Art Car aluminum pinewood track flying car guy instructables instructables the H2Robot's mast