morning at Bryce and evening at Coral Pink Sand Dunes

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white/green airport beacon waiting for the light this is one of my favorite views of this area handrail handrail handrail handrail handrail mine is a bit older, but this still shows the difference in how we treat/use our gear too much polarizer insane polarizing silly sign - based on the signage I had passed, I was not in violation of anything while I stayed on the open side of the trail a shot of the trail closure and tools our neighbors in the campsite Arizona state line pickup truck commercial hail hail At least the first part of the error message doesn't assume that the user knows your software system architecture original EXIF timestamp was 2007/07/29 18:09:34 too heavy, but everything you'd need family with trails she was trying to get my number, I think Bill knows where he is nice rainbow solitary dune-sitter the visitors center bleachers and a backstop for the sun