K4HRS amateur radio field day

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Jim ahh, the aluma tower... setting out radials for the big vertical nice honda generator not straight, but she'll do (and she did) setting out radials don't be a litter bug tiny Aluma tower Hannah's awesome and much-appreciated cookies Eric rigging up his custom az/el rotating rig that's the levelest this tower has *ever* been and probably will be rigging the 6m and 2m beams - we worked SC on the 2m beam FM guy wire rigging sometimes requires a dynamic move my plane, with the hacked-together-at-field-day gear Jim looking for Wifi with my 8dBi 900 Mhz patch antenna in the background Hannah with the "please don't take a picture of me with my mouth full" look Eric doesn't mind Stella K4HRS field day balun and moon Butchs' kite antenna - a stable kite flown with a fine stainless steel wire we all joke that they would have printed the banner, "HARRIS WINS AMATEUR RADIO FIELD DAY!" Eric working on the satellite station tower