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M-A-E Slick II I was lazy and used CA and heat shrink on the aileron linkages ever so slightly beat-up Spektrum receiver I have since extended the pattern to the ailerons nice clouds tail group N271JC wait, don't leave without us!!! O-235-L2C badge painful ADF Casey took this picture; that's Babcock on the left and my commute route takes me  on either of the E-W roads Kevin 3s lipo used for transmitter pack in Spektrum DX7 Spektrum/JR connector on the pack handy tape battery remover the pack I'm using - way way overkill for a transmitter, but it just barely fits and the cheaper ones I had available didn't doubled over strapping tape - no sticky surface left exposed about 4.75 inches when folded flat as mounted in the transmitter jack is internally flipped over and a piece of tape was stuck on it.  I wrote LiPo on the tape with a sharpie just in case. what a mess! Eagle Tree transmitter (900 MHz) National Wireless TV-433 integrated camera/AM transmitter from Harlan Technologies and pitot tube for EagleTree what a mess! Eagle Tree, ESC, flight battery, camera battery