AUS - HYI - AUS in a G1000-equipped C172

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solo shirts N123VK panel playing with the 3 axis AP nice turn under AP control ILS 13 at HYI ILS 13 at HYI HYI runway 13 nice Diamond Katana at Diamond State Aviation terrible picture, but the lighting is so cool I think I'll save it filling up at HYI HYI ramp San Marcos airport terminal building N123VK G1000 equipped rubber ducky antennas gone wrong Paul Paul Paul and Peter Peter Peter G1000 fun rolling on runway 8 at HYI TAS, OAT, groundspeed, Vspeeds, time, etc G1000 w/ passive traffic -- still very useful for staying on top of things towers west of town Lake Austin downtown Austin capitol building capitol building UT Tower downtown Austin good simple compliance sensible wind limits