driving the Icefields Parkway through Banff and Jasper

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Laura tall pines at the Lake Louise campground I swerve and hit people at random bumper sticker playground inside Lake Louise campground playground inside Lake Louise campground electric bear fence pedestrian gate pedestrian gate for electric bear fence electric bear fence sign Bow River next to the Lake Louise tent site gate for the electric fence to the Lake Louise campground trail near the Bow river clouds cute gate closing mechanism at the Lake Louise campground cool sitting area made from snowboards and logs presumably a sign reminding them that they still have the jacks down places visited? the catch the catch the catch rain upvalley picture phones are all the rage mob of tourists me generic caddy view - ass and back heat/cooling controls are on the door, but just about everything else is accessible from the steering wheel passenger seat view windy clouds Budget substituted a Cadillac Deville for the ford taurus I reserved at no cost -- turned out to be fine, but used a little more gas most disturbing advertising ever -- this ad pretty much made me decice to forgo the trip licking the fronts of cars is a popular pastime in the states, but I never thought it had caught on up here big waterfall