Peter Island and Road Town

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Peter Island flags Peter Island generators they have lots of employees Peter Island sunset wine place old Motorola bag phone beautiful beach and bay at Peter Island nice reef frigate bird power generating station and reverse osmosis desalination plant at Peter Island British ship in for rest British ship in for rest British ship in for rest in taxi up to national park on top of Tortola Bobby (our cool taxi driver) and Paul looking at the map on Sage Mountain Sage Mountain National Park I never knew defacing leaves was a popular thing, but it's much less harmful than other forms of this sort of thing, and it does seem to last a long time Peter Island from Sage Mountain; sahara dust adds a little haze more map time note the aircraft Bobby and Paul admiring the almost rain forest on Sage Mountain Nanny Cay? outskirts of Road Town antenna towers Nanny Cay? nice marina Paul Bobby (and the largest car on Tortola, I think) unfinished construction (but that isn't so bad, is it?) Joseph Adams grave, one of the residents of Tortola Paul you find J-boats in the strangest places Peter autofocus on the Canon D60 vs mom.  Point D60. Paul and Peter Roti Palace on Main Street in Road Town, Tortola, BVI.  Well recommended -- I'm a big fan of the boneless chicken Roti.