Puerto Rico

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feral cats are hugely abundant in San Juan painting over brick sometimes doesn't work parents on El Morro kite and coast guard helicopter more cats catptive catptive nothing like a class trip to the home of the Bacardi distillery to liven things up 2004:06:10 15:28:02 blackhawk not sure if this is marketing speak or reality... but I've taken far more flammable things than 151 on an airplane :) mangrove? everybody needs a porno beach towel gas is in cents / liter San Juan airport (home of the ATIS message that ends with something like: "Notices to Airmen: Pothole on taxiway Sierra between taxiway Mike and Taxiway November" ) nice fedex caravan bags in the rain (for about 30 minutes, go american eagle) lineup of ATRs American Eagle employee trying to comfort frustrated customers folks reading on the plane