completely random; driving, class, flying at River Green, and W4AQL link work

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Rex enjoys some couch time in Austin welcome to Texas cool clouds one of the coolest arrangements of word art ever ... in TSRB 340\n"Personal Policy Lab" riding the Tech Square shuttle silly video in MAV class video in MAV class Khai Gemarl and a visitor at the field admiring the work on Charles' Aspire the Aspire that Expired\n(we were basically trying to kill it that day) Charles contemplating some ulracote that was Charles contemplating some ulracote that was the radio all still worked just fine 2004-01-11 20:29:12\nUTC the link tower, focused low a view up the ladder-like side a view up the center a view up the side with some trees for framing :) the Atlanta Gas light site Charles contemplating the link site setup link site the link, keyed up Charles contemplating the tower the top of the tower with some beautiful lighting ... which still didn't make the tower beautiful, but helped