Pelican Island

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life raft TAMUG signage Texas Clipper II big dockline radar TAMUG students doing some sort of class project with models of ships and fire underwater probe of some sort collaboration old railcar wheels used as anchors and weights more huge dockline (this time with a giant bowline) pelican flying by the Gyre's mast man overboard drills rig in for work "Radar School" smooth bottom smooth bottom serendipitous paths are my favorite; this one is from an academic building to a residence hall note the odd DishNetwork antenna on the stern at port old concrete ship off of Pelican Island (WWII vintage?) nice Sunday for fishing giant fenders mom next to fender for scale simple but effective joint end view this would look really nice in a front yard random cruise ship in the port of Galveston this old ferry claims to be the Accrued Mariner from Freeport, TX but it's really... ABEGWEIT from Charlettetown Ave P 1/2 in Galveston