Thanksgiving with family and friends in Galveston

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the house (with a trio of Maximas underneath) poor Cooper Cooper with the cut eye Paul meeting Cooper for the nth time cooper with the e-bonnet Bandit's mug Bandit jowels poor Cooper the feeding line Tray getting some mashed potatoes Tom contemplating the ML relaxing with dog and kite knot that held the kite our old parafoil kite up in a steady onshore breeze down the beach to the east seagull seagull dad feeding the seagulls surfer the nieghbors seagull waves breaking into an onshore breeze the very nice mansion next door sand bar waves breaking in to an onshore breeze with a ship in the distance new construction "mine mine mine mine mine" GPS_timesync: 16:58:53 you can't but barely see it, but there's a nice pelican up about 30 yards out pelican nice mansion at sunset pretty prop circles heh Callie with the infim Cooper Paul and Tammy Callie and Cooper Bandit, with stump comfortably rested on the couch fireplace scene