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long exposures from the dock long exposures from the dock little too much flare from the house lights; two minute exposure still some flare from the house the dock lights and house Ty (painted with a spotlight) heart (painted with a spotlight) trees painted in stripes with the spotlight star trails taken to convince someone that yes, things do move enough to get blur in 30 or 45 seconds, and yes, it's not just the dock moving. lake with dock front of the cabin/house weather monitoring station lake field out near the barn backside of the dam the nothing mist (note the finger so deftly placed on the upper right hand side to block the sun) looking up the dam face outflow level is pretty low at this point; don't know but suspect that the 4" pipe is for draining things below the level of the large culvert a few old pigeons giving the AAA folks directions to come fix Dave's car lock everything you need for a good day's fun skeet lessons