some pics of my North County Flying Machines Moth-60 under very slow construction, my new cell phone (demoing macro capabilities to a friend), and campus

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my new Nokia 3595, because my Nokia 3390 broke when I dropped it.  More accurately, I lost the internal patch antenna and hit the battery hard enough on the ground that it got really hot and vented/flamed.\nThe keyboard on this phone isn't that bad. Tech inside of M60 fuse, showing battery placement and angled switchjack top view of angled and recessed switchjack to give an idea of how the jack was affixed; thick CA was used to glue balsa to jack, and then some drops of 5 minute epoxy hold the balsa in to the foam front view (but oops, epoxy dripped too far down into the longeron hole) right side wingtip bottom of wing, showing servo wire routing, extra spar, and ballast tube installation LE view of the wing